Third party integration with SecurePath

One of the requirements of SecurePath is that the tracker data should not be sent to any other server except the SecurePath server. Tracking devices can be configured to send the tracking data to more than one server. This possibility can be used to send the data to another server where the data can be used to integrate the tracking information into a third-party software. For example, the tracking data can be made available to an ERP software. It is illegal to do this since SecurePath explicitly requires the tracker data to be sent only to the SecurePath server.

New look for the SecurePath software

The SecurePath is getting a new look with the latest revamp soon to be launched. The modern interface whose screenshots were recently displayed to a closed group of integrators looks promising. The website is responsive and sleek. It is assumed that the workflow is optimized so that many things that previously involved tedious manual input would now be more easy and efficient. A mobile app is also available so that the vehicles can be tracked using a smartphone.

Planning for the Activation of SecurePath Sharjah

You can activate your rental cars in the SecurePath Sharjah smoothly with proper planning. The key is to schedule the installation of GPS tracking devices for SecurePath Sharjah along with the registration renewals of your rental cars. The activation of SecurePath Sharjah can then be done according to this schedule. Implementation of the mandate The SecurePath Sharjah mandate will be implemented gradually over a period of 12 months. This is the duration in which the registration renewals will become due for all the rental cars coming under the scope of the SecurePath Sharjah project. Invest over a year If you plan your activation of SecurePath Sharjah, you will not have to spend a large amount of money immediately to get activation of SecurePath Sharjah done in all your rental cars right now. You will have a certain number of rental cars whose registration renewals would fall in a given month. Over the next 12 months, you can get the rental cars installed with GPS tracking devices. You can then get the activation of SecurePath Sharjah done. Planning Take a list of all your rental cars. Sort them in the order of their registration renewals. Organize them into the next 12 months. Keep a list of rental cars due for renewals in each month ready with you. With this list ready, you can plan the installation schedule for the activation of SecurePath Sharjah.

No more certificates for SecurePath

The SecurePath system will soon get integrated with the Traffic Department of the respective emirates. This means that the system will get updated automatically when a car is activated in the SecurePath system. Instead of carrying a printed paper certificate to the RTA testing centres for registration renewal, the RTA system will be updated with the vehicle information and the registration official can simply look up the system to know the details of the vehicle in the SecurePath system. This will also reduce the possibility of fraud by some spurious SecurePath integrators who were issuing certificates without actually installing devices. We at Gredenza often encounter customer requests to this effect. They tell us that even without fixing a GPS tracker there are companies who will issue a certificate for as low as 300 AED so that the car owner can get the vehicle registered. This kind of low pricing is possible by the vendor because there is no cost of device or GSM data to be paid to the telecom provider. This practice is illegal and will be penalised heavily by the Authorities.

Fly by night vendors filtered in SecurePath

When the SecurePath project was introduced in 2014, there was an initial rush when many companies involved previously in CCTV installations got themselves approved as SecurePath vendors. Since the opportunity involved a large market of vehicles, many new entrants also got themselves approved. Many of these operators simply had no previous experience with telematics and was just eyeing the huge market that had opened up in front of them. This resulted in an unhealthy competition in the market. The fly by night operators who looked at only the immediate revenues used the cheapest of the trackers with no concern about their durability or performance. These companies lacked qualified or skilled employees since they opted for cheap labour. Their outlook was short term. They were able to reduce their pricing to such an extent that they were able to sell easily. Many Rent A Car companies switched over their existing vendors to these spurious operators because of their cheaper prices. But as all things in the world, quality comes at a price in vehicle tracking too. Some of these companies closed shop within a year, collecting all the money as they could and leaving their customers stranded. Taking note of this undesirable phenomenon, the authorities have screened the operators and have cut down the number of vendors to more than one-third in number. This has once again created a healthy balance in the market.

SecurePath becomes mandatory in Sharjah

SecurePath, a vehicle tracking solution hosted by the Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is becoming mandatory in the emirate of Sharjah. The decision was formally announced by the SIRA authorities to the SecurePath integrators last week. The official announcement is expected in a couple of weeks. As per the decision, all Rent A Cars in the emirate of Sharjah will be required to be registered under the SecurePath whereby the vehicles can be remotely tracked by the authorities if required. The Rent A Car companies will have to get the GPS tracking devices fixed in their cars through an approved SecurePath vendor. Once a car is integrated with the SecurePath software, a unique tracker ID is generated by the system which identifies the vehicle in the system. A Certificate is issued to the Rent A Car company which declares that the vehicle is registered in the SecurePath system. Only on producing this certificate can a vehicle have its registration renewed. The certificate is also required for registering a new car with the vehicle registration authority. In the case of newly purchased vehicles, the chassis number (VIN) of the vehicle can be used to integrate the vehicle into the SecurePath system. The vehicle owner is supposed to update the system with the registration number as soon as the vehicle is registered. Once the vehicle is activated in the SecurePath system, the tracking should not be disabled at any point in time. If on a random checking by the authorities it is found that the tracker has been removed or tampered with heavy penalties and legal action will be taken against the owner of the car. Gredenza International Security & Surveillance Services LLC is an approved SecurePath vendor in Dubai and was instrumental in installing GPS trackers in thousands of vehicles ever since the SecurePath project was announced in Dubai in 2014.